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- aerovin - 05-04-2000 06:53 PM

My wife and I will be visiting Bordeaux for 4 days in about 2 weeks. Does anyone have recommendations on particular wineries to visit, restaurants to try, or places of interest to see? We will be staying on a ship while in the area.

Thank you!

Ken Martin, Owner
Aero Vin - Wine Merchants to Corporate Aviation.

- mrdutton - 05-05-2000 05:34 AM

Another member of the Wine Board gave me this information and it should be shared:

The winemaker at Cht. La Tour Carnet and his wife run a small bed and breakfast. They speak fluent English. They are Philippe and Monika.

Monika can help you set up tours to the local wineries and vineyards.

You might find this a worthwile place to visit.

Check it out at:

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- aerovin - 05-05-2000 03:19 PM

Many thanks for the quick answer to my query. My wife and I are visiting Bordeaux by a ship belonging to the Renaissance Cruise Line, and our stateroom will be our hotel room during our stay. I will visit the bed and breakfast you recommended in order to get information concerning restaurants and interesting sights. We have Michelin guide, but it is a bit old. We lived in Europe for 17 years but have not visited France for three years and there are always changes.

Ken Martin
Aero Vin - Wine Merchants to Corporate Aviation