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- Jerry D Mead - 04-20-1999 10:58 AM

Adler Fels is known for very grassy/herbaceous Fume Blanc which wins medals every year. The wine below was blended to small quantities of Chardonnay and Semillon.

Adler Fels 1997 "Adulteress" Sauvignon Blanc ($14) The perfect white wine for your next illicit affair...or any affair for that matter. While we admire Adler Fels intensely grassy Fumes, we also very much enjoy this elegantly blended wine. The Chardonnay does tone down the aggressive grassy flavors, and adds a bit of apple which ends up as vanilla-tinged grapefruit. We didn't get anything so rich as peach, but perhaps a little tree-ripened fig? Where the traditional Fume might best be matched to white fishes in lemony sauces, Adulteress will hold up to salmon or veal piccata. Rating: 90/85
Adler Fels is a small winery with fairly broad national availability. For more information on specific retail availability: Adler Fels, 5325 Corrick Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95409 (707) 539-3123.

- Randy Caparoso - 04-20-1999 11:13 AM

Great. Let me go ask my wife.

Seriously, how and why did they come up with that name. Some oeno-hanky-panky going on there in Santa Rosa?

- Jerry D Mead - 04-21-1999 10:06 AM

Randy...I'll e-mail you the rest of the story. Will do the same for anyone else who want to know the story of crazy David Coleman's marketing efforts at Adler Fels.

E-mail me at and I send it along as a reply.

Ask to meet "The Adulteress."


- Randy Caparoso - 04-21-1999 07:15 PM

Got it, Curmudgeon. Thanks. Like the man said, I'm all shook up.