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- wondersofwine - 01-28-2009 07:59 PM

The restaurant prepared the following desserts to be shared among about four people:

Stilton cheese

Bananas Foster

Creme Brulee with whipped cream and a strawberry

Cheese cake with rolled pastry sticks

The third flight of dessert wines consisted of a 2005 Chateau Clos Dady Sauternes (France) and a 2003 Legends Cabernet Franc Ice Wine (Niagara, Canada).

The presenters suggested pairing the Stilton cheese with the Sauternes (as well as a Port to come later.)

I found it hard to pin down the flavors of the Sauternes from the small pour we each had. I would state the primary flavor to be nougat with some vanilla? and maybe orange? in the background.

The Canadian ice wine from Cabernet Franc had strawberry on the nose and palate. I had an Inniskillen Cabernet Franc Ice Wine that I purchased at a Pinehurst Wine Festival but it was opened at the church fundraiser last fall. It was suggested that we pair the Cabernet Franc with a dark chocolate truffle from The Chocolate Lady and that worked fairly well. I think I prefer dark chocolate with Banyuls or Maury however. Some Port and chocolates work okay together.

We also enjoyed a Gould-Campbell 10-year old Tawny Port. I have seen this in other restaurants around town. It was light amber in color and nice by itself (if not mind-blowing) but didn't do as well with the Stilton as some other Ports might. I may buy a bottle if I find it to be much cheaper than the Cockburn 10-year Tawny. I liked the Port better with the Bananas Foster (with walnut pieces) and the creme brulee than with the cheese.

We finished with a "real" Champagne to cleanse our palate (after opening the evening with a sparkling wine from New Mexico.) Paul Laurent Brut NV
It was open a while before I got my pour and it was not very bubbly in my glass. Nice palate cleanser however. Some brioche but less yeasty than the Gruet Brut.

Both wines and desserts made for a terrific evening. All of the meetings have been enjoyable but they seemed to raise the bar with the December super Tuscans and this January event.

February's event will feature different styles of Zinfandel and another month may have cooking with truffle oil and sampling Spanish wines.