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- DillaDawg - 01-01-1999 05:46 PM

1. I agree with Eno that there are several other forums/boards to add, but I believe after the master list of possibilities is compliled, the priority of adding each one be determined by Jerry and the moderators based on member feedback.
2. I think a General Discussion/BS board be added that would solve the problem we had on AOL by using the cab board as a "catch-all" board. Either that ot designate the cab board as the general discussion board as well.
3. I assume that the "no vulgarity" rule can be interpreted such that discussions of Okies and their ovine/porcine sexual preferences are always AOK! Otherwise, Bucko and Comic and others could not join (ditto for dilla anatomy lessons.... Texans require that for continued survival)...
4. Overall, I am very impressed with the quality of this site, the overall design and flexibility; the speed at which it can be accessed is superb! You guys have done a fantastic job in a very short time frame...
5. Jerry, are you looking for a new domain name (to use in lieu of "")? Or are you looking for a name for this section of tha entire site?

Lonnie Ferrell... AKA DillaDawg (only to make Woodbert and Roger happy)... AKA Tex

- Jerry D Mead - 01-01-1999 05:50 PM

No...not looking for a domaine name...that's Jackie's and well established. Just a name for this form/message board/Q&A section.


- Ruthbug - 01-02-1999 03:35 AM

<<.......impressed with the quality of this site, the overall design and
flexibility; the speed.....>> - Tex
What speed? Do I need to go from a 28K to a 56K modem? [my 1st post here.....I'm so proud].
- Brad

- Jerry D Mead - 01-02-1999 03:50 AM

I have a 56k, but this thing loads faster than AOL for me. So maybe the answer to your question is yes. Anyone else have opinions about speed? And if so, what modem speed are you using?

To be continued,

- Enophile - 01-02-1999 10:50 AM

Another quick suggestion for Jackie. Could you change the color for topics one has already read to something with more contrast than the current blue/black setup? I'd suggest red or green.

- DillaDawg - 01-02-1999 11:47 AM

My "speed" comment is based on the relative speed that this site loads. Its lack of heavy graphics and its efficient code allows this to happen. Brad, ALWAYS use the fastest modem you can find... Even going from 28Kbps to 31.2Kbps makes a difference. If you are investing in a new modem and you don't want the expense of a cable modem, get a new V90 56K modem....

- Jackie - 01-02-1999 12:03 PM

In response to the color contrast suggestion, I've now made the "unread" links brighter so they stand out more from the darker "visited" links.

Color is a subjective thing. Let me know, if the current (new) settings are an improvement.

[This message has been edited by Jackie (edited 01-02-99).]

- SteveZ - 01-02-1999 12:22 PM


All of the links look the same to me. Isn't there a way to make the read and unread topics two different colors?


- SteveZ - 01-02-1999 12:25 PM


I should have said that the topics are different shades, but once you go to where you have different topics within that title, the different subjects are all the same, which makes it very hard to easily go to the messages unread.


- CBailis - 01-02-1999 01:18 PM

Is there a way to use just the "Find New" messages? I've programed the computer to post the messages for the past 1 day still am getting plenty of others.

- EPICURUS - 01-02-1999 04:55 PM

Carole has identified a real flaw if this software can only select out folders that have received recent posts and not the replies themselves. As each day passes and more people register, we'll have to scroll down more and more posts to get to the most recent, 100's even, as virtually each topic folder will have at least one post per day.

Any solution, Jackie?

- Jackie - 01-02-1999 05:11 PM

I understand that it will be possible in the "next release" of the software we're using to present posted messages in reverse chronological order. New messages will be at the top, eliminating the need to scroll down.

I have seen no promises as to when the new release is coming. It could be within a month. I'm watching for it.

- EPICURUS - 01-02-1999 05:17 PM

Actually, upon further reflection (I should do more of this before I post) I think it is less of a problem than I thought. Different forums will have different folders on specific subjects like Events--ZAP or Cab--Araujo. None of the folders will really have huge numbers of reply posts. And those that do will be worth scrolling up or down to be able to read the history of a thread.

Not a flaw, a benefit really.

- WA Wino - 01-02-1999 05:54 PM

The way the software works is that topics are listed in the order of of the most recent post at the top, so topics without recent posts will be at the end of the list, within a given forum.