Wine Country Chef Spice Blends & Rubs


We had the pleasure of meeting the CIA-trained chef who conjured these delicious spice combinations.This collection of rubs from the Wine Country Chef makes the best ribs you'll ever taste. They are exotic adventures in flavor, all perfectly balanced with enticing aromatics.

Product Description

The set includes:

  • No-Salt Veggie Spice Blend
  • Kansas City Sweet Spice Blend
  • Mesquite Grill Spice Blend

We’ve used all three spice combinations to perk up everything from veggies, rice, corn and chicken to pork chops, ribs, burgers and salmon. Add to soup for a perfect spice balance. Or add to olive oil for a smokey vinaigrette. Excellent on fish and seafood. Perk up pastas dishes and salads. A very versatile spice collection that all good cooks will enjoy.


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