NEW! Wine Battles

Looking for a wine club that is truly unique and fun?  Gift a Wine Battles club membership…

Wine Battles  revolutionizes the Wine Club concept.  Join in a “Wine Battle of the Month”.  You receive wines delivered to you.  Taste!  And vote online for the winning wine along with other wine enthusiasts.  Choose types of wine and  levels of battle.  (See levels & prices below. ) The “battle” transforms wine tasting from solo to social.

We love this idea.  We think you will too!


Product Description

Wine Battles is a sophisticated wine tasting “tournament competition” that changes wine tasting from solo to  social! We think it will make a fabulous  gift for someone who enjoys wine and wants to share the experience with other fellow wine enthusiasts.  Do a “red”, ‘white” or “red and white” battle.   Join the “Pinot Gris Finals” or the “Battle of International Red Blends.”   Sounds like great fun.

We love wine! There are two keys to really enjoying a great glass of wine, a great glass of wine and someone to explore it with. Wine is social, however, wine clubs are not, until now…

You get all the benefits of great boutique wines plus a game that stimulates conversation and helps you become a more knowledgeable wine drinker. Use it a date night with a friend, your  spouse or as a theme for a dinner party.

Each month you will receive two naturally contrasting bottles of boutique wines. Choose reds, whites, or mixed.

• Learn about the wines, answer conversation stimulating questions and interact socially
• Your membership includes the ability to interact with vintners as well as fellow wine lovers and access to see how everyone else rated the wines
• Log in to vote, see your rankings and develop your flavor profile
• Gifting is easy with three price points to choose from

Explorer Level: $49.00 per month– 2 bottles ranging from $20-$35 each bottle

Reserve Level: $79.00 per month– 2 bottles ranging from $35-$50 each bottle

Cellar Builder: $119.00 per month –  2 bottles ranging from $50-$75 each bottle

Wine Battles gives me the ability to be exposed to boutique wines I may have never found on my own.
Nikki, M. San Diego, California

You can’t buy a time like this. My wife and I put the kids to sleep and spent the next hour pouring over everything! We loved the time we spent together talking, learning and having a few glasses of wine. Thank you for an amazing time. Joseph R.
Joseph R. La Jolla, California

We had a blast. It was really cool to see how the scores on each construct showed what parts of wine each person liked!
Jason E. New York, New York