Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Decanter

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The Pure Collection high fashion design will attract admirers with its sharp, crisp lines and geometric look. Made of new “Tritan” titanium dishwasher-safe crystal material, this is today’s hottest new wine accessory.

Product Description

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Collection Decanter 3/4 Liter

Schott Zwiesel’s Pure Tritan crystal glassware collection features this red striking wine decanter with a 3/4-Liter (or 25.3-ounce) capacity. It stand 10.7 inches tall and 8.7 inches wide.

Made of patented Tritan crystal glass, a non-lead material of titanium and zirconium oxide, this decanter will resist breakage, chipping and scratching. It’s completely dishwasher safe and will not etch, cloud or discolor for the life of the glass. Most deanters are difficult to wash or require special cleaning tools but Tritan glassware cleans safely and easily in the dishwasher making it perfect for wine lovers with busy lifestyles.

The Pure Collection’s high fashion design features sharp, crisp lines for a geometric look.

Made in Germany


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