Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Diva Collection 1-Liter Decanter

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This new decanter from Schott Zwiesel is our new favorite for so many reasons: new “Tritan” titanium dishwasher-safe crystal material, durability, aerating action, and simple but beautiful contemporary design.

Product Description

Aerating wine by pouring it into a decanter is the best way to enhance the quality of every wine you serve. Using a decanter allows the wine to “breathe”. We have fallen in love with this new Diva red wine decanter. The Diva Tritan crystal glass decanter features a beautiful wide base providing maximum exposure for red wine to oxygenate.

It holds 1-Liter or 33.8-ounces, stands 8.9-inches tall and 8.8-inches wide. Made of Tritan crystal glass — a non-lead material of titanium and zirconium oxide– which resists breakage, chipping and scratching.

Best of all, the Schott Zwiesel decanter is completely dishwasher safe and is not prone to chipping like lead crystal. It will not etch, cloud or discolor for the life of the glass. A great gift for wine lovers.

Made in Germany


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